Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/23/2018 10:26:21 AM
Subject: Google wants to know your location - Allow or Deny

And then almost overnight all the websites have banners saying we track you a little, click here to find out how, or hit continue.

So I'm curious to know how much you allow yourself to be tracked.

And the bonus question I am curious about: How internet social are you? Facebook, Instagram, twitter, twitch, snapchat, youtube and such.

Ok so me, I let everybody and their google track me. I'm upstairs shopping shopvacs and my wife downstairs starts getting shopvacs in her feed. I click allow whenever an app or site that 'I trust' wants to know where I am.

For how internet social I am?, I only click on this place every few days and that's it. I have a facebook account my wife maintains when shes bored of hers, but I'm never on it. I do nothing else, no twitter, no snapchat, nothing else at all.

The reason I don't do any social media is because I know I'll get addicted to it and become a phone zombie. I know that I will need to open facebook every 5 minutes. I don't do meth for the same reasons.

And I'm not one of those guys that says 'I don't do facebook' with an aire That says I'm better than you because you're on facebook. No, I'm the guy that knows what I'd get addicted to. I can gamble, drink and smoke weed, but I gotta stay away from social media, online gaming, hookers and blow.