Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/1/2018 10:36:21 PM
Subject: RE: How can every single person, Trump person

The thing with us Canadians is that there are no polar opposites really to anyone IMO. You can take a guy who is considered to be a right wing conservative like Harper, compare him to Trudeau and there isn't much difference. Basically all of our right wing politicians are similar to your Democrats, while our moderately left leaning politicians are more like Bernie Sanders. This is something I like about Canada... regardless of who is in office, not much will change too drastically... the PM doesn't have nearly as much power as an American president especially since they started abusing executive orders. We have parliament so nobody gets too out of control and parliament is fairly even handed.

Most of the far right/far left politicians in Canada become provincial Premiers (equivalent to your Governer) as premiers have more power than the PM does in most cases and can cause more change to happen internally.

We also don't have a lot of ultra-right religious politicians like your Sessions or Pence's, so the hot button issues like abortion don't become political issues because we as Canadians have generally accepted the womans right to choose. Other examples are universal health care, which is accepted... we don't really have any border issues, but we do have the right and left fighting over immigration at times, but we benefit more from immigration than anything and we have the room to take them in. Military isn't really a big talking point... there has been wasted money in the past, but we don't elect based on it. Marijuana legalization is great and I know that there are many right wing federal candidates that would or have run on accepting it as well.

Really, we're easy going here... there are a lot of yokels that kick up noise about immigration and tax spending on social programs, but it's nowhere near the level it could be like in the states.