Author: LaNdno <>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/31/2018 7:59:38 AM
Subject: RE: How can every single person, Trump person

Deflecting? You say things are so great now, yet nothing in your life is different because of Trump, yet you give him all this credit that you would NEVER give Obama. Obama is responsible for doing some good in the country and never gave it the kind of divide that Trump has.

You think Clinton and Obama are horrible and shit on your country, yet now you have a president that is blatantly outright saying he doesn't care about the constitution of your great country. Doesn't matter if it's the 2nd ammendment or the 14th ammendment, he is now saying he can change it or bypass it with an executive order. Imagine a democrat trying to do that... what outrage the right would have.

As for the media, they are reporting what this dipshit says and that's pretty much it. They could just report on exactly what he says and it would look bad, because he's an idiot and everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it's coming from a "MENTALLY CHALLENGED" 2 year old. All media outlets could be like FOX news and try to spin it to make sense, but it's not this big mainstream media conspiracy when all they're doing is reporting on the bullshit he does and says. Yes the media misses out on larger opportunities to report on things, but if the American people didn't care about the stupid shit he says, they wouldn't report on it. Fact, more people vote, democrats get elected. We are seeing voter suppression from the right because they know this. Trump doesn't represent your country equally, in fact I know for certain that the majority of people in America would prefer someone else, now let's just hope those people vote this time.