Author: Hollow <jklfds>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/30/2018 9:28:23 AM
Subject: RE: How can every single person, Trump person

The U.S. has always been divided. It's just more vocal/visible now because Trump has unleashed the psychotic rage on both ends of the spectrum. The far right feels empowered by his words, the far left is driven mad by them and his nationalist policies. Certainly doesn't help when the media does everything in its power to stir the pot instead of provide unbiased news.
Personally, I think Trump is needed. Every politician before him ran on the same platforms and 90% of what they said they wanted to do they didn't out of fear. Trump doesn't give a fuck and is pushing his agenda which is exactly what his supporters voted for. In the very least, hopefully this will open politicians eyes to actually follow through on what they say. Probably won't, but can always hope. It was also needed to keep that flaming pile of cunt out of office.