Author: LaNdno <>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/19/2018 8:32:47 AM
Subject: RE: Warren's DNA test

And again, you think anyone actually cares about elizabeth warren... except for, of course, trump that is. The guy who offered a million dollars for her to get a DNA test, then backed out on paying his debt, which seems to be a trend with him.

Since you're deep down Trump's throat, maybe you could explain why he wants to keep his tax returns secret? Maybe you could explain his Russian and Saudi nut hugging? You see... you think Liberals are these crying bitches over the president, but look at only a few years ago when Obama was president and the right were the whiny bitches complaining about him and everything he did. Guaranteed if Hillary were president, you'd be bitching and crying about her as well. You think crybaby whining about politics is bi-partisan, but if you looked outside your little bubble you'd see it happens both ways and just as bad.

But yeah, keep whining about jews replacing you and how people with different skin color are terking yer jerbs, while the left complains about sexual harassment and social inequality.