Author: LaNdno <>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/17/2018 7:25:35 AM
Subject: RE: Warren's DNA test

It's not about having a potty mouth, it's about being a pathological liar (double standard?), hateful and ignorant. He's the leader of the country... if you think that his shit behaviour and rhetoric doesn't affect the world, then you're naive. Other leaders follow suit, thinking it works. If you know anything about kids, then you'd know their parents can't teach them not to follow a leader or copy someone. It's society. You're teaching Americans that it's okay to behave this way, because the president and leader of that society acts that way. If anyone I knew or met acted or lied like Trump I'd backhand his dumbass down a flight of stairs, not elect him to lead me.

Calling porn stars you've fucked for money Horseface? Calling women pigs, mocking disabled people? LIES CONSTANTLY?! And yet you're worried about Elizabeth Warren claiming Native Status like that's the bigger issue here right? Give me a fucking break. Trump is the epitome of greed, bigotry, racism an misogyny. Born rich and can't stand not being the center of attention. Well, you gave it to him. Look at the state of your country now. More divided than ever and you daft cunts follow him blindly and he can do no wrong because you don't like the thought of a democrat or liberal. Fuck Warren, nobody gives two shits about that third rate politician, maybe focus on your president who can't seem to relate to a single person in the country that he represents and lies to each and every single one of you every day that he's in office.