Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/28/2018 8:26:46 AM
Subject: Which one of you *%$&#!'s said play Dead Cells?

This is the only game I play since it came out on the switch.

This game is frustratingly addictive. I get just an 'inch' further each run through. And my fingers and brain don't twitch like they used to so dying on spikes with blue prints and 2 drinks of health left reminds me that I have the old.

Anyways,... This is my first Roguelike game so not knowing any better, Dead Cells seems perfect to me. Thanks for the suggestion whoever you are.

I think I'm on the level with the second boss. Progression is taking a little longer than usual because weapon combinations are so random and fun to try. But I do sometimes restart over and over until I get at least one random weapon I like.

Getting older and slower sucks.

No picture because my imgur isn't loading.