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Date: 8/24/2018 5:55:32 PM
Subject: RE: What Do You Do In Your Free Time? (2018)

Got a grown-up job (that I love) and 2 boys (that I love way more).... so life doesn't have much free time.

We live in a great neighborhood and have become really good friends with 2 other families who also have kids the same ages as our kids. We tend to grill out, have some beers, hit the pool, vacation together, etc all the time.

Free time?

Golf. I play about twice a month in season. Shot my best round in a long time recently (88). Totally legit, by the rules... no kicking, mulligans, etc. I have found its the only way to figure out how much better/worse I'm getting.

Volunteer Youth Soccer. I have been coaching for about 4 years and 2 teams a year for the last 2 years.... so I have a combined total of like 15 seasons of coaching now. I love pushing the kids and seeing them pull off some great stuff and seeing their eyes (and their parents eyes) light up.

Gaming. I still game, but not as much. It really depends on whats out. I was really into Destiny for a long time, but not any more. I've been playing a bunch of Dead Cells lately and God of War is amazing. I'm really looking forward to Anthem and the new Torchlight MMO.

TV. If I'm not into games, I tend to watch a bunch of shows late night after wife hits the sack.

Audio Books. I enjoy listening to audio books on the way to/from the office. I mostly listen to professional books about transformation, leadership, devops, culture, psychology, etc. I occasionally listen to fiction. In the last 1-2 years, I've finished Mistborn (first trilogy), Red Rising, Ready Player One, and a couple of others. Really looking forward to the last book from the King Killer Trilogy.

Fishing. I just got into bass fishing about 2 years ago. I enjoy taking the boys. They usually fish for blue gill (I use the small ones for bass) and catfish.