Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/24/2018 5:36:12 AM
Subject: RE: What Do You Do In Your Free Time? (2018)

Real Life wise, I travel a lot, even in the city I live in, which is now Hong Kong. Every day I take the amazing MTR Subway to a new stop along the line (map here: Subway map) and I explore the region. Today I explored the furthest east region of Chai Wan, and continued to confuse my new friends here by consistently saying I was going to Taiwan. I went to a model boat racing park where they have actual races and competitions, and I do plan to build my own boat soon when the paychecks start coming in from my new job, and overall I think having a "model boat pool" shows how epic Hong Kong actually is. Cyberpunk capital and the most International city in the world in terms of cultural assimilation. I am very happy here after only 15 days.

I like to watch basically all sports and try new sports. I am going to join the Hong Kong AFL, Aussie rules Football League as soon as my shoulder heals. I got in a bad motorcycle crash in Vietnam 10 days before I left. Nothing major for 2 years before that, so of course it has to happen then. So yeah I like sports a lot, even though I've been eating like complete shit and I'm overweight by 10 lbs or so for my height. Good thing I'm still the literal fastest person on Earth sprinting wise. But I have to make sure not to break an ankle because I'm old now.

Technology wise, I still play games for sure. On PC I play Pillars of Eternity 2, Overwatch, and a ton of metroidvania's like Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Axiom Verge, and whatever else. It's completely obvious platformers and metroidvanias are the best genre of video game next to FPS! I'm Top 100 in Hong Kong in both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, and I strictly play "Supercell" games on phone because they are the Blizzard of Mobile. Best company ever.

I also watch pro's play sometimes. Mostly speedrunning and starcraft, meh.

I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend Maida in the next year. We've been together 4 years as of this upcoming September 9th. We both think Diamonds are 100% Lame horrific gems that are proven to be not rare at all, so if anyone has any suggestions for badass rings that I'll be giving a successful Abstract Artist and performer, let me know.

Okay thats me, you all better not post 1 liners. Planetice is Life.