Author: Zeus <>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/14/2018 5:21:59 AM
Subject: RE: We're closing in on being here for 20 year

I remember being older than a lot of the WFA players when I started playing. Seemed like everyone was 15-16 when I was 19.

As for me, my oldest is 13 and my two others are 9 and 8. Life's been pretty good. I developed OCD-like symptoms about six months ago (I hesitate to call it legit OCD because I haven't been officially diagnosed). It caused a tremendous amount of anxiety and depression until I learned how to manage it. At this point it's basically a non-issue, but still haunts me every now and then. The anxiety from that exacerbated issues with my TMJ (jaw joint that connects adjacent to the ear) that I'm dealing with now. Overall I can't really complain though because in the grand scheme of things they are minor compared to what some folks deal with. I've had success with my job and am in the process of moving up to a role as director.

- Z