Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/8/2018 9:19:15 AM
Subject: GG CANADA

Holy fuck I'm tired of this fucking legal system here. It's such bullshit. The above article shows how a convicted murderer, a man that stabbed a 22 year old girl that he liked when she tried to leave after he proposed to her (they weren't even dating). This happened in 1997 and he was sentenced to life in prison. PRISON.

"There's no walls that separate this sector from the community … this is the last step for them to be introduced into the society, If an inmate decides he wants to leave, he can do so on his own."

Typical. A man in my hometown shot his wife in the face with a shotgun because she was trying to divorce him. He got 7 years. 7 fucking years!

Oh wait, it gets better.

Just google Vince Li. A paranoid schizophrenic that only 9 years ago killed a kid on a greyhound bus and then continued to cut his head off and walk around with it. He then cut off other body parts and put them in his pocket and ate some. Guess where our buddy Vince is now... that's right. He's free and clear in Winnipeg to do as he chooses. He can stop taking his meds if he wants and is completely unsupervised. He spent a few years in a mental institution and they deemed him to be safe, so now after supervised day trips, they feel he's okay to be free in our society.

It happens time and time again. People are convicted of heinous murders, rapes etc. and then are set loose only a few years later with good behavior. Then I look at the US where people are serving 22 years for first time drug trafficking offences or life sentences for multiple drug convictions. Talk about fucking extremes... find a middle ground.

If You kill someone out of hate, anger or jealousy you should pay with your life. Rape? Same, except you should be placed with gay rapists in prison. But no, it's Canada and if you really want someone dead, you can do it and be out in under a decade. Where's the fucking deterrence? Someone needs to Dexter some of these fucks.