Author: Drak <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/22/2017 6:36:50 AM
Subject: Gift Me Steam Game And I Will Too. RIP Daddy.

I thought it might be fun to gift around. If someone gifts me Dungeons 3 now, which I hear is the best dungeonkeeper-style game of all time, I will gift you a game of equal value (30) as soon as you ask or a new one pops up.

I just sent two full paychecks back to America to help pay for my Dad's funeral services (Yeah he died a few weeks ago and I'm not sad, he lived a great life. I'm totally cool), and even though my business here in Hanoi is going well, thousands of dollars is still a lot for me.

I didn't think cremation cost that much.
Did you guys realize how much it was?
What the fuck dude!

I guess they gotta make money somehow.
My mom told me not to help pay, because she is doing well for herself, but nah screw that, I wanted to help out my pops.

But I also want to play Dungeons III.

Hit me now, I'll hit you later, promise.

Maybe we can even do a round robin sort of x-mas gifting on steam, Lol.. probably too late for that.

P.s. RIP Wayne Emmitt Lind, 73 years old. Dementia. He Loved Dungeon Keeper 2 -- no fucking troll.