Author: PnuE <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/27/2017 8:37:37 PM
Subject: 4chan lulz
>Soviets knew it was a coup [Page 3]
>LBJ was behind it [Page 5]
>Jews involved [Page 64]
>CIA infiltrated media, church and missionaries [Page 3]
>There were over 40 journalists working for the CIA in the media [Page 17]
>CIA-NBC connection confirmed [Page 2]
>two shooters, one escaped [Page 3]
>Missing file [Page 2]
>Rockefeller Commission: Oswald was an agent of the CIA or an agent of... [Page 4]
>Ruby and a communist police officer framed Oswald [Page 2]
>Oswald was a communist [Page 2]
>Oswald was never in Mexico [Page 38]
>people appearing in the Elena Garro scenario may have been CIA agents [Page 4]
>claims that Dallas Police were John Birch Society, Ruby shot JFK and then Oswald to tie up loose ends
>FBI knew about Ruby