Author: Mikey <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/13/2017 3:16:26 PM
Subject: RE: There were 2 shooters!

yes, i am asking you to avoid forming opinions on topics you admit that you are ignorant about. I don't think thats crazy. You always have the option of saying "I don't know anything about this" or "I am ignorant". There is no shame in ignorance. We're all ignorant about many topics. If you don't know anything about audio forensics, why not wait until someone who does (Pnue it would seem) chimes in?

Again, I've never said that you came to the wrong _conclusion_. I just said that the way you got there is fallacious. You're not proving anything. And when you state conclusions that are backed with obviously fallacious reasoning, the people you are trying to convince are going to (rightly) ignore you. You can't change someones mind that way.