Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/4/2017 9:12:58 PM
Subject: RE: Bump Stocks

It's true that it's too late now to do anything about guns. It's obvious that even if the laws change somehow, there are more guns than people so that won't stop. My biggest concern is how easy it is for some people to get guns in some states. There are states that don't care if you have a lengthy mental history of depression and violence. There are people that may be dissuaded if it's difficult for them to get a gun so easy. On paper, at least, they should try to have it so that only responsible people are able to get guns. Kind of like here in Canada... thorough background checks etc.

It's also obvious that the root issue is mental health disorders. There isn't nearly enough being done to get people help that need it. Hell, look at the VA. People with the largest chance of having PTSD and going into some kind of killing rampage are being treated like turds. The medication they're getting isn't helping and the VA isn't open to looking into options that are proven to be way more effective than doping them up on anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. Like CBD or THC for example.

Again, I agree that there's no real point to trying to ban guns altogether or anything. Guns are around and will be for a long time. It's frustrating because there was nothing anybody could have really done to stop a guy bunking up in a hotel room and shooting people. The guns were purchased illegally too. Let's just hope it doesn't get worse, but better and hopefully people will keep an eye on those that are going downhill in their lives and try to help.