Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/23/2017 7:08:35 AM
Subject: RE: GoT S07E04 *spoilers*

Ep 6 is where this shit jumped the shark IMO. The dialog always had a bit of cheese to it, but it's out of control now.

Those fuckers telling lame stories to each other on their journey, all becoming friendly so we'd be more compelled to care when a few of them die? fuck offffffffff. It was beyond predictable what was going to happen every step of the way. Brought me back to the night when i ruined Sixth Sense for all my buddies saying "he's dead isn't he?" halfway through the movie...


You could tell as soon as john said to send the raven.... we're gonna have ourselves a dead dragon here.

I now hope they end it after the next 7 eps.