Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/4/2017 3:37:34 AM
Subject: Best ThinkPad/Flip/TouchScreen Ultrabook Style?

My GF saw this thing at her new job today and really liked it:, and I said "Yeah thats pretty cool but Lenovo is sort of a ghetto company. Let me ask some people what the best machine of that style is currently."

So here I am. She doesnt want an Ipad style. It has to have a real keyboard. It can be an ultrabook, or a... whatever this Lenovo is (sort of smaller even than an Ultrabook). Touchscreen/for traveling and watching movies for the most part.

I always immediately look up Samsung stuff because im a fanboy of Korean products but in this case im not sure i'd be right.

If anyone has anything they like let me know!