Author: WarStrider <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/20/2017 7:08:41 AM
Subject: RE: Hollow you just showed huge ignorance

Let me just add that market forces don't really work with healthcare. When you are injured you are not shopping around and comparing costs, you head for the nearest emergency room. When your kid or spouse gets sick you don't go shopping for doctors, you head to your family doctor or your local clinic. When you come down with cancer you aren't looking at who is the cheapest oncologist around, you are trying to find the absolute best one you can afford.

About the only time people compare prices is when they are buying a healthcare plan on the Obamacare exchanges.

The fact is that everyone needs healthcare coverage whether they admit it or not. The intensive care units are full of young people who thought they were invincible, until they weren't.

The other thing is compassion, do you really want to see poor people go without healthcare just because they are poor? Most people are willing to pony up a bit more to see the needy get covered, Americans are compassionate towards their fellow Americans.

Really, single payer universal care is the way to go, pay for it with a tax, make an agency to oversee it and give them a mandate to reduce costs. Job done. But every time someone brings this up the cries of "Socialism!" start. But if you poll Americans, they want single payer by a 2/3 majority.