Author: Hollow <jklf;dsa>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/18/2017 5:01:57 AM
Subject: RE: Hollow you just showed huge ignorance

You could point to the deficit he created if you want. Bush was an absolutely awful president that certainly didn't give Obama a good footing to start off with. Obama also kept Bush's tax cuts and spent billions to save failing corporations so his first term carried huge deficits.

I'm not even looking at that though. There's 2 reasons why he was going to bankrupt us(and why I refuse to vote Democrat). First, Democrats love to use the phrase "America is the richest country in the world so we can afford to...." Democrats seem to be under the impression that money grows on trees here so we can afford to fund anything and everything. They're running on a platform of entitlement programs and Robin Hood equality(tax the rich to give the poor) slogans. Basically, they want socialism. I don't agree with them because they are not at all talking about cutting costs, only spending.

This is the most evident in my second reason, the ACA. It sounds great when you hear phrases like "everybody has health insurance" or "decreased premiums for everyone", however, universal healthcare with the current costs would be an additional 500-600 billion in government spending. Even Democrats admitted the ACA wasn't going to work and was just the first step towards their main goal, which Hillary would have pushed(big reason I didn't vote for her). As with their economic budgets, they have no intention of cutting funds on anything. They want to spend until we go bankrupt and citizens scream for more government control. Its a road that leads to full blown socialism. They're part way there with welfare programs and the worst of the crew, Pelosi/Waters/Schumer/and all the RINOs keep using the phrase of "millions will die if we end *insert entitlement program here*." Get out of here. The world will not burn because we backed out of the Paris agreement, or cut funding to redundant social programs that were proven to not work, or want to build an oil pipeline, etc., etc.
A ridiculous argument being pushed by the left is that America hates the world and the world hates us. We don't want to help anybody, we're racist/homophobic/sexist, etc., etc. Bullshit. Like I told Drak, we spend more on foreign aid than any other country. We are double what the #2 person on the list spends. We also have the most diverse country in the world. We have that diversity because we accept the most immigrants than any other country in the world. Again, almost double #2 on the list. Before you say anything about Trump killing immigration, he isn't. He is trying to stop illegal immigration and add better vetting to legal immigration and refugees. It may drop our immigration numbers a bit, but I bet they'll still be higher than any other country. Unfortunately, all that diversity leads to racism, homophobes, sexists, etc.(I personally think that 99% of that is due to people's religious beliefs, but can't really prove it.)
All in all, I don't like President Trump as a person. I think he's a juvenile, foul-mouthed asshole who loves the drama and attention. On the flip side, I love most of his policies. I don't agree with all of them(the wall, travel ban) or some of his choices for advisors/cabinet members(Manafort, Kushner, Bannon), but I am fully on board for an ACA repeal with a proper replacement that cuts costs, illegal immigration crackdown, proper vetting, decreased government entitlements and regulations, and tax reform.