Author: PnuE <blah@bleh.bluh>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/11/2017 7:39:31 PM
Subject: RE: How do non-liberals feel about John Oliver

Independent and never miss a show. Facts and data can be, and often are, skewed for a narrative. Get in a data/chart/graph argument on either side of climate change. I think he makes some low blows, but he's 100% entitled to them. I'd make the same point I said in that thread with Mikey months ago. At one point Jon Stewart was the most trusted news source for the left. That is fucking scary. That being said the fact that you're a comedian doesn't mean you can't speak truth.

I also watch Maher to hopefully get some good debate. I hate it when he bunches his dais with a liberal circle jerk.

I also watch Tucker Carlson, and the Five daily. I love to hear the talking points of all sides.

I can't do Hannity though...I just can't.