Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/11/2017 12:26:30 AM
Subject: How do non-liberals feel about John Oliver?

Ok so I dont affiliate with any stupid ass piece of shit 2-party cult system anymore. I legitimately give zero good-god-damn's about joining a "side" and I thought 92% of the candidates this past election campaignb were utter garbage [I liked 2 of them, one R and one D], and that the American public is generally garbage, which reflects from the bottom to the top straight to the highest echelons of the government.

But I did start recently watching John Oliver, basically catching up on it big time, and he seems to be quite unbiased - or at least tries to be - and spits out facts backed *immediately* by examples. And it doesn't stop. It's like 30 mins of slamming a topic to the deepest it can be to "prove" the truth of the situation, if you believe in absolute truth. Which, well I dont 100%, but I do believe any person with common sense would agree with essentially everything he says in his show. Because its not propaganda for or against either side. It just "is". He shows the facts, makes fun of them, but then lays down the fucking DATA right in your face.

And no matter how conservative or lacking common sense the person is/has, I believe they have to understand and agree with what he's saying. Which is mostly slamming trump and a few other ways of our culture which are abysmal, like health care.

So my question is, since Oliver is decidedly a lot less blatant of a liberal (if he is at all?) than those who came before him in this Daily Show and C.Report style format, how do you feel about his presentations? His laying down the D-A-T-A in full force.

I don't know. This one here about Trump vs Truth was so entertaining, informative, and splattered with proof via showing clips and resources (never once did he CITE a liberal research center or website!), that I can't wait to go back and watch more of the full monologue clips.
Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Look, is there anyone here still "for" a Trump presidency? Your nation is going down the shitter fast as possible. It's obvious he doesn't know what he's doing and it WOULD be funny of the threat of wars with other countries wasn't there. That's like the least okay thing on the planet, in modern times. Should we annihilate renegade muzzies who bomb our towers? Fuck yes. But should we let fat man Jong Un's 'threats' slowly shift us to a possible World War 3, assuming China backs North Korea (actually unlikely, I'm 50/50 on this while doing my Korean post-grad relations classes currently, but the whole thing is still possible, and our country should be eliminating possibilities like that).

Pulling out of the paris accords, repp'ing COAL FACTORIES, lol wut, is it 1901? Faking that he believes in and loves God, that is a fucking joke and every good Christian hopefully realizes that because you Christians arent exactly retarded, like our main man in charge.

Anyway back to the point. Is there anyone here who hasn't given Oliver a chance *because* you're republican? I'd rather this thread stick to the topic of his show, rather than getting into a political debate. because honestly there is nothing really to debate anymore. America is currently in the trash compactor and for many years to come will be trying to dig itself out the putrid hole it has dug. Even if that orange fucking goron (Yes, from zelda) bogan gets assassinated, we still have to deal with Pence.

Well, at least my averagely intelligent mind thinks the show is quite good stuff. Our country-in-shambles needs more people like him pointing out the constant spew of lies and dictionary-definition sociopathic behavior that has made every other country laugh at us in pity. Pity, not pride. Thats how it feels handing over my passport as an international traveler.