Author: Redrix <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/23/2017 5:32:56 PM
Subject: eGPU

Successfully completed eGPU setup with GTX 1060 on HP 8560w gen2 i7 with Bplus pe4c expresscard version. I went from 12fps with integrated ATI to 74fps with 1060 in Heaven bench. Proc is definitely not the limiting factor; its the bus speed. still at 2x, gaming ain't so bad.

Spent $250 on gfx card, $130 on Bplus adapter, and $15 on an app to assist with mem allocation.

I feel like it was the best I could have done without going all out on a full build.

I also tried this with EXP GDC Beast 8.0 mPCIe version, but HP bios cock blocks the mPCIe port that the wlan card sits in unless its an approved Wifi card. Didn't feel like tweaking the bios for allowance, so I abandoned this device.

If i ever get another laptop it will probably be an MSI or other vendor that doesn't strip away all the bios options.