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Date: 8/30/2016 5:03:04 PM
Subject: RE: The Best Star Citizen Video of 2016

Yeah, I dunno man...

I've been playing his games since the first Wing Commander... yeah, the movie sucked, but the games were excellent and innovative in many ways.

Strike Commander is one of my all-time favorite games... it had a niche market and was pretty difficult, but the story was excellent, the gameplay was engaging, and the plot/setting is still unique...

I never knew anything about Freelancer's development "issues" (which I'd bet $20 CDN that neither did any of the haters on here until, like I said, it got dredged up a decade and a half later)... The game was bad ass enough the it's still being played today, and I have gone back to it half a dozen times since its heyday... it's not like there was some mod kit for it either, it's been kept alive through a lot of hard work because to a massive (or at least very determined/well financed) group, it's compelling.

What is most amusing to me about all the haters out there is the fact that it's not Chris Roberts that is driving this... at best, the "TRUE" CR fans (the crazies I met down in Austin, and I mean crazy in a loving and accepting way hahahah) make up one percent of the overall donor/fan base. I'm talking about the dudes I met that have the boxes for every single game CR ever worked on.

Of the remainder, the bread and butter rank and file just want to see a real space sim.

Why? Because there is an incredible dearth in the market. Of that which is available, each falls short in some key areas. (Like multiplayer, for one).

Over 100 million dollars were THROWN at the lack of a real-deal space sim... and okay, so CR ends up failing this hard core, the hate-wankers out there might get some form of joy from it, but nothing appreciable...

What will remain, in that case, is the continued lack of something a LOT of people want to see... how many? I dunno... way more than any other Kickstarter, apparently.

$100 average pledge, you do the math on that...

So, lets say all the sour grapes have their dream come true, and this shits itself... okay, cool, I'm out ~$1,000 after tax dollars. Will I wish I had instead sent that money to charities? Yeah, sure. (full disclosure, I have sent significantly more than that to charities in the same span, just so you know I am not %100.00 douchebag). And I'd rather it take 10 years than end up being a suckfest... But I went into it knowing the risks... it wasn't some sure-thing, it was an investment in the hope that we could finally get what Freelancer could have been (and somewhat was, honestly) but with modern graphics...

Have they gone absolutely apeshit overboard in almost every possible way? Yeah... definitely... it's like a microcosm of the 1999 DotCom Heyday where angel investors were ejaculating currency at any nerd who could reboot a computer faster than said nerds could rail blow off hookers asses. I got my money's worth out of the insanity of the "invite only" CitizenCon I CitizenConned my way into back whenever... Is that fair? No. Do I have anywhere near the amount of money as half of those dudes (or credit card debt in the case of the other half)? No. Did I nonetheless still enjoy the ever-living fuck out of being a lord among nerd-peasants for a day? You are damn skippy, nerd-peasant.

Will I stop overusing the fuck out of ellipses? Fuck if I know...

There is no way that the game is going to meet my wildest space-dork dreams, of that there has never been a question. Do I think a viable game is eventually forthcoming? I honestly can't tell you. I give it 50/50 either way at this point. The stand-alone modules are pretty cool if clunky, but at no time have I ever tried to convey any message that I believed they constituted "a game"... Arena Commander or whatever the fuck it is called is supposed to be a stand-alone game within the finished product, and I think it's a fucking amazing idea in as far as playtesting, user approval, and techdemo goes... it is by no means even finished unto itself, and it'll never be acceptable as even close to a finished product in and of itself.

Right now I check in on it every couple of months or so, or I see someone in this group or a sim group post about it... I played Rebel Galaxy for a bit and that has sated my space trucker fever... this video I posted is mostly scathing OF Cloud Imperium/Chris Roberts... that's why I posted it here... I knew some of you wouldn't even watch it and just assume it was something biased toward it or whatever... which, I think, is a pretty fucking low-bar as a personal expectation for trolling me. At some point you have to at least CONSIDER giving a fuck, or this place will die. Clown away, but for the love of fuck at least go through the motions and cycle in some new arguments or something.

Too bad about that No Man's Sky though, huh?


Came out full-strong like gangbusters, then hurtled headlong into the abyss.

Getting beat by H1Z1 now... yikes... and just barely ahead of Elite:Boring? Man, that REALLY (Derek) Smarts!

But holy placental implosion, kids, Steam has already thrown of the refund flag?! That shit is reserved for EA shitshows and 1C shovelware....

(See all that? That's some fucking quality shit. This isn't your god damned mom's shitty dented fridge with the greasy fingerprints all over it... regardless as to what quaint little under-developed/over-encouraged toddler scribbles used to net you a gold star and prominent place next to the fucking "Family Circus" and last years Publisher's Clearing House entry form, your pathetic backyard-league grab-ass paste and construction paper safety-scissor pap smear some of you fucksticks have been phoning in recently (if at all, faggot lurking cunts) is hereby put on notice, you bags of smashed assholes. Are we just fucking kidding ourselves here? McMeel slaves away at work, comes home, and fucking keeps this place alive, FOR YOU, and this nickle-dime overhand layup weak sauced possum-shit is what you repay him with?)

To that point:

1. Obama sucks ass; he's a get right down in that crack and frantically work that shit with fevered abandon ass-suck of a clown. I just want to thank all that voted for/supported him. Hopefully the next chapter is Red Dawn and not The Day After. Thanks.

2. Hillary Clinton is fucking horrifying. As is everyone around her. There is nothing that Donald Trump could possibly say... no string of words stupid or offensive enough, to ever... EVER... equal the level of shade this antediluvian husk of a lich you're still going to vote for has already openly committed. Just stop. It's fucking embarrassing. It's like someone with a cigarette in their fucking hand trying to convince you to quit smoking. At least Bernie Sanders was honest. He was a fucking moron with zero understanding of economics, but at least he was passionate and genuine.

3. Commercial television is, literally, only for peasant fucks. If you [i]ever[/i] discover yourself sitting around giggling about cute commercials, you are literally a giddy peasant fuck. You're like little free actors for the fuckers making money off of you... standing around the water cooler cackling about whatever horsefuck simple shit like a singing cat throwing a football or some baby who talks like an old man... you should start your own fucking douchebag actor's guild and demand some kind of benefits for your work you fucking zombie-prototypes.

4. Trump isn't the problem. The fact that Trump is OH MY GOD ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE AND GAINING IN THE POLLS is the problem. It should be enough to wake *ANYONE*, from the fringe of either end of the political spectrum, the fuck up, unless you're retarded. It doesn't matter if you were born into a Democrat OR Republican family. You were almost assuredly born into some circle-jerking barely post-ape clan, right or left. It's simple math. If you've been paying any attention to both sides, you gotta know we're fucked. If we're fucked, you really want a less trustworthy and female version of that toy horse that collapsed when you pressed the button riding this comet into the dirt? Sweet fuck, stop being pussies. Vote Trump! Let's hit this fucking holocaust head on!

5. My balls are literally, not figuratively, huge. It's a pain in the ass, and they aren't even useful like huge titties are, fuck you feminists. I don't wish the condition upon anyone, I already have back problems.

But each of you are, as always and eternally, free to put any combination of them gently into your filthy fucking sewers and give each of them a good firm suckle.

Thank you.

The End. (Part 1)

P.S. Fuck you! Star Citizen Fo Life!