Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/15/2016 11:11:24 AM
Subject: Redrix, How's the new baby?

I was gunna say, that new baby of yours is not a blank slate for you and your wife to make an impression on. In my opinion that is old school thinking. If it were true, most brothers and sisters would be all the same if the parents raised them all basically the same.

Redrix Jr. already comes prepackaged with his own personality and character traits. It is up to both of you to unconditionally love, accept and foster who he already is. NO MATTER WHAT!!

And you cannot tell him how to behave, you have to show him how to behave through modeling. Even though he already has a personality, he will act like you. If you always say please and thank you, he will too. You can't prevent him from being gay, but it is up to you to make him polite.

I believe we genetically pass down memories, personalities and traits to next and future generations. Science has proven that if Great Grandpa was gassed in WWI, he will pass the damage done to him onto you through genetic expression. I fully believe Great Grandpa passed down a lot of other things to me genetically.

Ever wonder why addiction or musical talent runs in a family? Or how does a 4 year old play like a concert pianist? Because they have passed down memories like H.R. Giger's Aliens. And why do 2 guys of the same breed who live on opisite sides of the country dress and style the same way, act the same way and like/dislike the same things? We've all met that guy that reminds us of so and so, and it's crazy how they are both so much alike!!

Although I'm not sure how a 6 year old can talk about all the cases a dead cop worked on....

Anyways, there will be time to sleep when you're dead. It's easy street after he learns to wipe his own ass.

Good times, good times.