Author: shamanrawb <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/27/2016 1:43:47 PM
Subject: RE: Current Status

Dude. My farm is massive. I might redo a save. I dug into the mountains (do that a lot if you have miners. Theres cools shit hidden and steel, etc) and opened a crazy room with cry pods, 3 crazy aliens and a big slug . Huge battle. Lost 4 animals, two of which were bonded to one dude. He's not a happy camper at this point. And lost 3 humans. Some of my all flawless people now have broken limbs and shit. It took all 20 of my med packs to keep them all alive. Infections and shit. I can get more buy selling potatoes the next time that trader comes around, but wow, not sure if it was really worth it. I don't think I got much out of it. One prisoner because an explosion took the rest of the pods out. The slug spits fucking fireballs. Ugh...