Author: shamanrawb <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/25/2016 2:55:05 PM
Subject: RE: The Rimworld Story thread. Post here

So. I acquired some more colonists. The key is to 'Capture' crash victims, not to rescue them. If you rescue them they go on their way after. If you Capture them, after you heal them, while they are prisoners, you convince them to join you. Now we are 4 again.

I also just bought a male and female gazelle. If they mate, I might have to euthanize the Boomalopes. I can't have them exploding in my base because they got in a tiff. Or old age? Do they do that?

Got my farms running, learned that you can change the plant you're growing, so now everyone doesn't have to live off potatoes. Also grew hay for my animals. I now have 5. Had a tough ass warthog, but a cougar killed it. Almost killed the wife too. Rough day..