Author: ShamanRawb <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/23/2016 7:07:44 PM
Subject: last one. Maybe tl;dr

I've been playing since alpha 6, and this game is great.
This is the recent story of my A14 colony.

Mate touches down on the planet, with his cat, Enrique. He is great at construction and growing.
We plant Potatoes and dig a hole for ourselves.

New guy comes in, AMAZING at mining.
He goes crazy because he slept on the cave floor.

Mate shoots him 17 times because he punched him in the gut.
He dies.

New lady comes in, chased by pirates.
Grabs pistol off dead man, capture pirate with amazing speech.

Mate's Father parachutes in like "YO SON, I GOT AN INFECTION IN MAH KNEE"
We harvest, food is good.

Mate's Father dies of infection, Mate dies inside.
Prisoner with great speech dies of infection.

New guy comes! Good speech, amazing construction.
Pirates attack.

Mid attack, architect has a mental breakdown because I told him to wake up to try to save Mate's dad's life.
He attacks and kills a chinchilla while the pirates shoot him with shoddy pistols.

Mate goes on a mental breakdown rampage because they killed his cat.

He slaughters them all.
Lady patches him up.

They become lovers.
They get married.

They get happier, though noone else comes for a long time.
Together, they fend off wave after wave of pirates, and the local tribe comes to our aid.

New guy comes in, HAS 15 ♥♥♥♥ING POINTS IN SHOOTING
Mate gives pulse rifle to new guy.

Bugs infest us, Sniper snipes them as they walk out.
We lock them in the room to farm the jelly.

We decide there is enough in there, and slaughter most of them as they try to stop our boi from stealing jelly.
Rinse and repeat, we have a jelly farm now.

We prosper, forgetting the tragedies of the past.
We recruit 10 others, a camel, and a Panther.

We build a ship, to space we must go!
50 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pirates come in.

We hide in our space pods.
15 shooter guy guards the entrance, getting everyone inside.

Mate, now an old man, with now, a shooting skill of 11, defends the line along with his power armoured brother.
The turrets fall, and explode.

I send our emergency pet boomalope to ALAN SNACKBAR them.
Mate falls, shot many times, his armour pierced.

He is still alive, his best friend, the 15 shooter guy, kills another pirate, and picks him up. He is shot many times in the back as he runs his friend to the cryosleep module.

As he puts him in, he breaks, and kills the last of them.
Our doctor gets out, and carries him into his pod, the last one.

We leave behind 50 bodies, and a functioning colony.
There is nothing there but tragedy now.

Since this got so big, I just gotta say, you need to give the game a chance, because there isquite a big learning curve