Author: shamanrawb <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/23/2016 12:32:26 PM
Subject: RE: Well mutherfucker...

It's amazingly similar. But, way better IMO. Prison Arch seemed VERY high maintenance. I enjoyed it a few times, but felt it was hard as fuck to keep them happy. This one, less people (at least to begin with). I would not say you can watch a movie with it. I mean I can't think of anything you can actually watch a movie with. I have to pause it when I walk away for fear that something will attack, or I'll mis manage something. Maybe as I get more comfortable with my peeps I will change my mind. I have to say, compared to the AI in Prison in some of the last Betas, this is WAY better, and I'm pretty sure it's early Alpha. So far it's a must have. The review really pushed me. It's rare to see so many people say 'yes, this early access is worth $30'.