Author: injate <injate@geeeeeeemail.caw>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/13/2016 8:56:10 PM
Subject: RE: .bat file guru's...

too late but NO POWERSHELL you're a cheap imitation for linux style CLI...

sed a GNU linux utility makes this fucking cake...No linux? No excuse. Git bash CLI for windows is the answer, basically Linux Bash in windows w/o window 10.

Example follows.
# pound sign means a comment, not really ran text

echo "bunch[of[garbage[in[log[file[omg[so[hard[to[parse[for[windows[users" > file.txt # generate a mock file.

sed -i

sed 's/[/rn[/g' file.txt > parsed_file.txt # parsed it with a regex using stream editor command (sed) # pointy arrow (>) redirects output into new file

cat parsed_file.txt # dump the contents

cat file.txt

echo CAKE.