Author: injate <injate@geeeeeeemail.caw>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/29/2016 6:37:44 PM
Subject: RE: Holy shit (*spoilers*) And the father is...

Exactly who every book reader knew was and they're making casual TV watchers wonder about for another year to milk out another 'big reveal'.

OK so teleportation, for those that missed it like me apparently Varys did not teleport. Dany and co. did. To off the fucking coast of Dorne which is why you see Drone & Tyrell flags on ships. Either that or the two houses just decided to make a round trip to Mereen for no reason.

Other notable teleportation this season: Grayjoy and Arya. Who cares, they're travel scenes would have been boring and the reveal was way more awesome just having the them appear at another main character.

Even DW tweeted that they he was a little torn about showing not showing more travel but ultimately setting up tents and being on a boat make for BORING scenes. Plus it would telecast what was going to happen EVEN more. They told what was going to happen through dialog already, you knew where they were going, why show it.