Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/24/2016 11:49:42 AM
Subject: RE: Overwatch

Yeah, I like it quite a bit. The classes are all pretty unique, which is fun. There is no CTF mode though, and that is not cool. Without CTF, I don't think we ever quite get close enough to WFA style gameplay. :(

It's going to be a AAA priced game, but you'll still be buying cosmetic shit like skins and decals and dances for more money on top of that. So far they say all the characters will be unlockable and not purchasable, we'll see how long they stick with that... I don't know if EA started this model of paying 80 bucks for a fucking game, and then jerking you off over and over till you spend more money to buy more shit, but it's pretty gross to me... (FU NHL16!)

I'm on the fence about whether I'd buy the final version, but i'm only a couple dozen hours into this thing so far. It's great when it's free!