Author: Maelstrom <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/26/2015 8:06:48 AM
Subject: Changes for 1.2.0

To Remove:

Lootbags (This is being replaced for Headcrumbs to give more fun and to prevent spawners from mass handing out lootbags)

To Add:

Mr Crey's Furniture Mod (yes its coming back!)
Grimore of Gaia
Lycannites Mobs
EssentialCraft 3
Essential Thaumcraft /Thaumaturgy
Bugged Tools
Random Things (Dimension and Teleporters will be disabled)
Hardcore Questing Mod (We are adding quests to the modpack as I type this, a team is working hard!)
Armourors Workshop (This will be a donator perk. Allows you to customize your weapons and armor)
Headcrumbs (Replacing Lootbags for custom mobs & Heads