Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/24/2015 7:09:27 AM
Subject: PiceCraft review ala noob

Just spent the last 2 nights finally messing around a bit, 6-7 hours in total. and now this morning looking through the list of mods you got there. I started a base rather close to spawn, helps with my random goddamn deaths. I just went to the winter biome right next to spawn, found the highest point around, and cleared a spot way up there. Got a buddy started with me last night as well, who is constructing a tower to more easily spot our base from the ground...

Treecapitator is a great little mod all on it's own, fuck those trees!

Navigating available recipes through NEI, the search box, and that stuff is... daunting. I always wish for a "first week of picecraft" tutorial outlining some of the basic stuff to get down outside of the regular old vanilla stuff. Quarry has always been particularly interesting to me since Mael hooked me up a few years back with the mats needed to make it. I gotta make one on my own though, no cheating this time!

This Iron Chest mod, I can't make any sense of it from the git repo they have for a link. What it do?

The Journey Map mod is really nice. It says there's a browser-based version, how do you access that? Do we have the old 80HD style online map somewhere?

Carpenter's Blocks, I don't really get the point? Is it just a cosmetic thing?

A lot of the other mods seem either too complicated for me to get into right now, or they're the base for one of the complicated mods. maybe later!

Now aside from the mods, I don't know how I feel about collecting all these random non-vanilla ores and woods and plant life... WTF am I gonna do with all this silver/tin/lead ore?! I suppose they just have uses I haven't discovered yet. Something like mouse-over text on basic items like that would be neat. "Use silver to make any tools/armor that can be made with iron, and also ...." Speaking of, whatever mod gives that mouse-over text showing durability/attack power values on tools and stuff, that's a nice one too!