Author: mcmeel <.>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/28/2015 7:54:23 PM
Subject: Update planned for Sunday, March 1st.

Planning to update a number of mods that have been released last week. So far this looks like:

- updated BuildCraft to version 6.3.6
- updated CoFHCore to version 3.0.0RC1-181
- updated Ender IO to version 2.2.8
- updated Logistics Pipes to version
- updated Minefactory Reloaded to version 2.8.0RC7-71
- updated ProjectRed to version
- updated Redstone Arsenal to version 1.1.0RC2-43
- updated Thermal Expansion to version 4.0.0RC1-119
- updated Thermal Foundation to version 1.0.0RC2-53

The server's MOTD now includes the running version so it's clear. Tomorrow this will be 1.1.3 assuming testing is ok.