Author: mcmeel <.>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/30/2014 2:14:52 PM
Subject: PiCECraft X modpack

What do you guys think about the idea of a PiCE specific modpack?

It can use the Technic launcher to handle all the installation/dependencies. It would be just like running Tekkit, but we can control what mods and configuration settings.

I've already put together a modpack based on 1.7.10 with most of the common things we use. I did leave out quite a few of the long term Tekkit mods, but only due to not putting them in yet.

Right now:

Treecapitator <- gotta love this one
Carpenter's blocks <- duh
Dimensional Anchor <- the one with iron block and gold ingots
EnderIO <- awesomepants
EnderStorage <- Quite useful
Extrautilities <- so much more now than 1.6.4
InventoryTweaks <- sorting and auto replace tools that break
IronChests <- Diamond chests is more like it
JourneyMap <- Replacement for REI minimap cuz it sucks
Minefactory Reloaded <- yes
Nether Ores <- what fun is the Nether without?
Not Enough Items <- also duh
Redstone Arsenal <- I like them
Simply Jetpacks <- good tiers
Waila <- What Am I Looking At (shows what you're looking at.......)

left out and up for discussion:

Thermal Expansion - They don't have ducts available yet for 1.7.10. Can easily put back in.
Buildcraft - Just seems so antiquated and the Ender Quarry is > BC Quarry. Can also easily go in.
ComputerCraft - Can go in, just didn't yet.
MFFS and Powersuits <- Powersuits not available for 1.7.10 yet, but many 1.7.10 mods have armor that does much of what Powersuits can do. I'd rather have Powersuits for end game though.