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Date: 1/17/2014 7:58:15 AM
Subject: RE: Just uploaded a SS of my camp. Day 14 i th

Nah, you just have to not take chances. I've only taken a few chances in the game, and almost died multiple times. Once you start taking dumb chances, you'll end up dying. The other thing is to be prepared for death. Like if you die, and you respawn at a sure that you have a bare bones camp near by so you don't freeze to death immediately after respawning trying to get back to your main base. In my current game, I did die once...but in a previous game, that exact thing happened where I died in winter, and respawned at one of 2 touchstones, had no camp, and died trying to get back, and then repeated the same thing again.
I have a ton of wood, grass, twig stacks at all my camps on the ground, and also try to store live rabbits in chests in case I am in need of food. But really, all you need after respawning is a fire and maybe a heat stone for getting back to your main base in the winter.