Author: {wf}shadowspawn <shadowspawn_at_shadowspawn_dot_net>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/20/2013 8:29:34 PM
Subject: AI and the Decoy Problem Solved

If you've been testing, you know that on some maps the bots tend to get "stuck" sometimes, to circle the decoys and never make it past a certain spot.

There's a radius check already for 50 units as a place for the bots to avoid, until the next entity snapshot takes place (per server frame) so the bots will avoid a spot. The thing is, what if it's in the way of a goal?

Like in a small hallway? If I let the avoidance radius get too small, the bots would just, well, do nothing after getting blocked. So I have them now look for the entity type of ET_DECOY and if that's what is blocking them, choose the shotgun (if they have shotgun ammo, otherwise it's just the gauntlet) and do the following: