Author: Drizunk! <sadf>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/30/2012 11:30:33 PM
Subject: Dear diary

Today i woke up, fiddled with kitchen design. cut some wood. relized i didnt have all the wood i needed. went to home depot, bought wood. drove home. decided it was too hot to do anymore work. went inside. did more design stuff. watched some god alful movie from 96 wtih downy jr doing a shitty southern accent. beat off....not cuz of him you homo. watched more tv. got a request for a ride in exchange for bowl smoking. acccepted. ate pizza hut. went to work. wanted to kill everyone. 20 year old co worker stopped in. spent 30 solid mins laughing with her. starred at her ass as she left. finished work. bought beer. went home. opened beer. text'd 20 year old cowarker about random stuff. got involved in hour long textersation. finished it by asking for dinner. got 80% rejected. took it like a man. drank more beer. played tactics arena online. belittled every 12 year old on there. laffed. made plans to convience 20 year old cuz im actually sincear. relized the best thing i could do was leave her be. scrubbed plans. thought about beating off. didnt. drank more beer. set alawarm. came to pice.

till tmrw diary....gofuck yourself........bitch!