Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/18/2012 6:39:25 PM
Subject: RE: It's impossible during the day now

sneaking around no longer works in the day, if you are playing this game for the sneaking around, night is your only way.

my strategy when starting out, day or night, is run full out sprint to where im going, which is a combination of barns, tree stands, and the NW cherno hospital area. until i get a gun i dont stop moving

without a gun barns are by far the easiest to hit up, just run right in dont care too much about your aggros, the paths within the barn are usually large enough that you can run by any zombies that follow you in no problem, and you are likely to get a hatchet or gun if you want to kill them. usually when i find a gun in a barn i try and conserve the ammo and still run by any z's, i am also paranoid about PvP and only kill Z's if its 100% necessary

hitting tree stands without a weapon is a little more difficult in the day, but once you get the hang of it its simple.

always be running, learn to lose z's in shrubs/hills and running through buildings and this game isnt very hard. other benefit of always running is if a player does see you chances are they wont be able to get you unless you are really unlucky with distance of the encounter

depending on start position this is what i do:

kamenka: hit the 3 tree stands north, the barn ne, then work my way up to zelen supermarket hitting tree stands on the way

koma/balota: hit air tower at balota, dont bother with the 4 tree stands too many z's and players and very difficult to escape, then head to cherno and raid nw hospital and surrounding 3 buildings (always be running, hospital last) then head north

cherno/elektro go north to treeline, follow to NW cherno hospital area then head north

anywhere east of that i respawn