Author: zores <hi>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/16/2012 12:23:36 PM
Subject: alright well i have no morals so

here is what this here be about

Wayne: so i got this indian girl we'll call her rajivette, and this hispanic lady hitting on me the other day
one thing i notice compared to my current gf, is this hispanic lady is skinny but how does her ass ride that high and it so round, i snuck a couple of creeper looks and i was pretty sure there was no pads

sumo.dom: its genetics

Wayne: wish i snaped a pic but that would be totally creeper
but it like comic book style

sumo.dom: wayne
you owe it to Pice

Wayne: most hispanic ladies i seen arent like that

sumo.dom: to take a pic
and put it on Monkey talk
just turn off flash
and shes none the wiser

Wayne: people standing behind me in the line
i couldnt abandon my pretzel
she was in front of me

sumo.dom: your prioroties are skewed

Wayne: im going to post this chat , ill void out the name if you'd like
on monkey talk
like what degree of a creeper would i be, isnt that a fairly scumbag move

sumo.dom: its total scumbag

So I guess the question is. I walk around in NYC a lot ot get my lunch and to take trains. Should I start posting creeper scumbag like pics to pice? I already asked my gf she doesnt care and i'm allowed to look as long as i dont get their number.

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