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Date: 11/10/2011 8:25:21 PM
Subject: RE: Please don't close

We have had talks like this in wf4 with mixed emotions.. Zith and Infernal both know my stance but it's not as easy as just saying we need more people with the engine wf4 was being dev on..

I only speak for myself and not them, but I would love to just use the q3 engine or a free variant with our stand alone assets but how many people besides us oldschoolers would really play it and for how long etc..

There are just to many games with new top notch graphics etc but not the same gameplay. That being said it would be hard for even a handful of dev (that are alot older now I might add and play games just as much as anyone else.. real life etc) to sit down and really revamp wfa.. it wouldn't be hard to make new maps and tweak code but it's the whole point of why?

10 years ago it was a game we all loved and played and it was a fun hobby.. people change.

We all still love it and would love to see a new wf game in all it's glory with updated graphics etc. etc. but it comes down to sheer time and manpower and that shit is not easy nor free anymore.

That being said if anyone had the willpower to update code (not hacked fly by night server changes) and try to convert it into a stand alone product with classic revamp maps (just textures minor tweaks) and a couple new maps I would jump right in and offer what ever help I could give.

It would be fun to go down the oldschool dev road but I don't really see it being worth it.. We aint gonna have 100+ clans and tons of pub servers again with a q3 engine, but ya never know.

I'm half drunk listening to new Megadeath wishing bf3 was better or had a firefall beta invite.. so take all this with a grain of salt.

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