Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/26/2011 9:09:58 AM
Subject: noob corner

Some things from my weekend of hungover minecrafting:

Holy sweet fuck can someone please give me one fucking piece of diamond! I have 2 pieces and spent the whole goddamn weekend trying to find ONE more piece of diamond just to make a fucking diamond pickaxe that will last only about 5x longer than my iron ones! But it can mine obsidian!

I likes the digging, i've always liked the digging, and now that there's some element of danger to it, it's way more fun. Until you die 6 times in a row trying to get your shit back, then it's more like waterboarding, but still. I see even the Ubermael posting about getting owned by exploding guys over and over, are these the same fucks that show up in my mines and blow the living fuck out of me?! HATE

Speaking of my mine... I dug a shaft straight down with a ladder, 2 blocks wide, and at Y=16, I just started digging a massively wide area that's 2 blocks high. When I find a natural shaft somewhere, i'll explore a bit, then seal it off and make sure my mine is stable at 2 blocks high, sealed on floors and ceilings. It got TOO big though, and now takes a couple minutes just to run around down there, and I can no longer ensure i'm tightly sealed. At some point in this endeavor, enemies started showing up. And I can't get rid of them, it's a fucking madhouse down there now, I had to seal it up and make a new mine. There are/were at least 100 enemy models down there, only about 10% of them are moving at any one time, the others are bugged out, possibly dead, but definitely harmless. Is this a known problem? It seems anytime I was killed by a group of them, when I came back down, those guys were bugged permanently. On top of the random floating blocks that I couldn't mine or pick up, the whole area is now an abandoned mess. Lots of obsidian down there that I couldn't mine because of the FUCKING DIAMOND SHORTAGE.

I still can't get around the world. I die, attempt a /home and if it doesn't work I go for a smoke until it the timer runs out. I get lost in the spawn area, I get lost EVERYWHERE really. Is the map that you can build with a compass and paper the best I can do? Haven't got that built yet, but I suppose I should. I just don't like carrying shit around because there's a damn good chance i'm gonna lose it!

WTF is runecraft?! I don't understand the modding at all, are these all server side mods? I was told to look into making a rune pick, but uhhh wtf?