Author: Wesman21 <>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/23/2011 6:43:03 PM
Subject: Nether portals

So does anyone else keep getting kicked for "moving too fast" after you go through a portal to the nether? And also, once you relog and you are in the nether, did you have to dig yourself out to the "surface"?

My first portal last night put me in the middle of the netherrack and after digging in several directions for 30 mins I said fuck it, and dismantled the portal and built elsewhere.

The second time I built the portal it gave me the same "moving too fast" BS. Once I logged back in I found myself eyeball to eyeball with 5 ghasts (who were quite pissed I was there) and had to BURY myself to escape them lol. That portal was then promptly dismantled.