Author: tunnelrat <rxfoster gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/21/2011 11:29:14 AM
Subject: RE: Size limitation on a building?

No way... as long as you scale it out, you are golden.

Only counting hand-built SMP stuff:

The ISD was a little over 1:10 scale, so 160 meters long, 100 wide, and I think 60 high at the highest point. Overall size it was not as large as the parthenon or whatever, but it was about 2x longer.

The Valmy hull was 192+ long by like 40 wide.

I don't know the exact dimensions of Chombo's pyramid, but it could fit the Parthenon inside of it.

His round tower was huge too.

I have fairly recent outputs up under

If you want to look.

Your tower and surrounding area were on of the biggest things on the server, and it looked great.

Jate's Reed tower was pretty big, and Wesman's volcano was huge.

If you remember Ackbar (Far southeast) it was 64x64 (maybe 70x70) but it's a good visual size reference.

That big square in the water north of HTP base is 170x170

On the new map, the square area of the capitol is basically 640x640.

In my opinion, unless your symmetry is jacked up... i.e., start small at the edges, large in the center - not a big box) I would go up to like... 256 in any direction. The biggest limitation is the damned skybox limit...

BUT... we should be able to mod the skybox higher soon.