Author: tunnelrat <rxfoster gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/20/2011 2:57:18 PM

I have created chests for those donating (And made some for other players I have seen online when I am making chests/signs)

All of these chests are located in the community house/workshops

- If you want a chest, let me know. If you see one and you don't want it, let me know (seriously, no problem and no pressure to contribute to the build fund, I just make them in case)

- Don't put anything in these chests that you expect to get back. I will only take full stacks (unless its something rare that I need or it's close to a full stack) out, so top them off.

- I record donations as I check the chests, not as I remove the stuff, so please don't remove anything once you put it in there. I currently don't have enough space to unload everything in there right now, but I will soon.

- Anything in a personal donation chest that is either trash or something I don't need (non-diamond tools, dirt, food, damaged armor, etc) may either get junked or put in a community chest (and not counted toward your balance)

- All donations made while the capitol is being constructed are counted 2x towards your account balance (for purchasing city plots, voxel ports, and precious stones)

- I will put together a block value list (that will fluctuate as demand dictates - you will get credited based on market at the time of donation) as well as a price list for voxel ports, pstones, and plots soon... maybe tonight.