Author: jabes <hauj00b>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/9/2011 12:49:38 PM
Subject: mount and blade with Fire and Sword

Its called something like that, the version I got.

My second effort with this game, with some more patience and the basics of navigating the world under my belt, and I start to see all of the attraction here.

Its open world old school. It feels like Bard Tale's or, most recently, PIRATES! (Sid Meier's game), or with the scripted scenes, sort of like Leisure Suit Larry. Getting tale back in Medieval times wasn't so unlike getting tail in the 70s, after all.. Bitches still want money and as soon as you give them 2,000 clam shells, they want 4,000 AND their brother rescued from the drug king pin that took him hostage.

So thats the general feel for the game, go anywhere, do anything, watch time wheel away, but know that there are scripted events and your actions building up to them could have a big impact on them, especially if you pissed off the wrong people by not finishing a quest in a timely fashion or you decided to loot and burn the right village, w/e.

This game is fucking tough. You put this shit on easy to start with and even then you face better troops against your gaggle of peasants and get pwn'd even in 2:1 ratio. comefuckingon. First time I played this game, I raised all the difficulty up, manually assigned the blocking, lance set to manual, set all this mamby pamby shit to manual. and... Get owned in record time, can't even ride a horse, stuck my lance in the ground and killed myself.

On easy, they handle the blocking angle, lance all that shit for you, its really pretty effortless and effortless is kind of nice when you're trying to remember where that one drunk guy in a tavern is or that you have to get that book that teaches you how to speak russian before trying to fool the gate keep with your polish accent.

Real-time decisions are a bitch, this instanced battle shit is herding cats at its best and I have no idea what the controls are for giving orders to specific units so I end up relying on two orders 'Follow Me' and 'Charge'. Unless our troop ends up spawning behind a hill, in which case its always 'Hold Here' and wait for the computer to charge up the hill at us before we break cover and unleash the horde.

Maybe its because I am playing on easy, but seeing that every single general and named-npc in the game escapes death when defeated is frustrating. I think there is probably a mod that fixes that shit for you and kills these assholes off right and proper. That said, even when you get taken captive no one can find it in their heart to put your murderous, looting and pillaging ass to the sword.

Finding people without a cell phone is a fucking chore. Somehow most of the royals are pretty well informed, our King has been taken captive and while one Ser tells me that our King is deep in Muscovy lands, another Ser tells me that he has no idea where he is, so which is it assholes and are you seriously encouraging me to ride balls deep in Muscovy territory to deliver this championship horses to a king that may or may not be in shackles? Totally glaring fault in this game, but also part of its charm, beneath the skin, nothing is as perfect and there is no save/reload option in life.

One of the persistent quests the nobles give you is to pick up thousands of silver pieces from someone that owes them a debt, then return 4/5 of the money to them. Invariably you end up picking up the cash, then getting fucking distracted post-pick up and either never returning the cash or returning back to the guy who asked you to pick up the cash, without enough cash, and loosing some serious respect. That one kind of pissed me off, had I remembered to sell all my trade goods I would have probably just picked up enough cash to pay this asshole his money.

Anyways. Fun game, I concede my first impressions were a little brash and hasty. The combat leaves a lot to be desired, but is still kind of fun.