Author: tunnelrat <rxfoster gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/5/2011 11:30:27 AM
Subject: ARRRRRRRRR MATEYS! Thur Night Pee Are Report

I hopped on to Yahbez's Toweleban squad and it was just a pigfuck... we still had some fun though... I shot a ton a guys, but they were always en masse and their medics always got them back up.

We moved to HOG Mutrah MEC side and I kilt myself a squad and a half or so, and HAT'd an AAV (I was a do or die situation and all I had was a frontal shot so the whole crew bailed and I didn't get any kills, but wtfever)

The server was 9 kinds of fucked up, couldn't create any new squads... our team was getting it's shit packed in, so we bailed for TG. Rolled on to Beirut - CIS side... enemy already had every point capped. We got there and it was ~225/250 tickets. Like 10 minutes later, they'd all been bled out... game over man.

Next map was Kashan Desert... and it was awesome. We got into a tank squad with some serious guys that knew what they were doing. I was driving the commander around, and think I did pretty well, he seemed pretty happy with my driving and tactics.

The highlight was Spiderballs 2 - CartzPRTH or something... I call him Catshit. The dude comes UNGLUED on Jabes because although he's screaming in broken english, his shit is so low you can't hear him over the T-72 engines.

BUT, the dude could shoot... he knocked out several enemy tanks before I left... and when the SL and I got the command tank blasted out from under us by the sudden appearance of an A10, he friggin mowed the son of a bitch with the maingun.

Anyway, I left well before the map finished, so jabes can probably follow up.