Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/2/2011 10:45:16 AM
Subject: RE: Monday night AAR

OH, back on topic for a sec, I was also picked up multiple times while playing on Brasil, some nice looking helicopter pilot would drop down next to me. So i'd look around and, seeing no one else nearby, assumed he was looking to pick me up and go someplace nice. I hopped in, he flew me away to some faraway rooftop and landed. I was like "I guess this is my stop", except no one could hear me except the 2 mexicans. I jumped out, took about 4 steps across the rooftop and was promptly blown the fuck up by someone.

Same thing happened a 2nd time, then on the 3rd try I hit fucking ZED as soon as I got out of the huey, and survived for a few minutes. Even managed to kill someone from that rooftop. Shortly after I was eliminated from there, I was booted. RUDE!