Author: tunnelrat <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/2/2011 6:25:54 AM
Subject: New Playas/Squad strats for Muttrah

Niall is in the pipe (literally) and Draknafien is ready to rock I believe.

Another friend of mine signed up for Steam, and he is almost 100% FPS newb, but he's genius level intelligence, so once he picks up on it, he'll be a great player. Very interested in supporting roles - FO/Mortars/Logistics - I am sure once he gets the hang of CQB he'll be all over that too.

Once we get our shit together and add the newguys we should be able to start rolling a squad+ If we have overflow, I will be happy to run a Chuckwago Logistics truck/APC/etc squad, or even better a Scouting and Target Acquisition squad (STA)

Anyway, for MEC on Muttrah, based on last night, if we have:

We set up at fort and coastal village.

(2) AA Gunners - the AAA at fort is AWESOME, you can really terrorize helos and they can't dodge. You need to get used to the drop/delay at range, but I had the enemy team coordinating my death the other night, good times.

One AA on SAM at coastal, the other either on another SAM or the AAA at fort.

(1) on Mortars

(1) AT Gunner near AA SAM at Coastal - will double as ammo supply for both

(1) Rifleman at coastal to run ammo to Mortars and AA at fort, backing up the AT gunner for ammo to AT/AA at coastal.

(1) SL to build, and run Logi truck (will support the team when ammo is all set (say 6 boxes at coastal, 2 at fort)

Overflow will be STA squad to pick out targets. If we can get the loc of the enemy mortars/dock FOB that would be priceless.

I have no idea wtf to do on USMC side, other than STA. We had a commander that was not nearly as good as |Fear a_cookie on MEC side, which was surprising as he was a pRWARs guy.