Author: tunnelrat <rxfoster@gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 8/2/2011 6:13:55 AM
Subject: AARRRRrrrrr

Well, I jumped on NwA - Korengal/Tally Ban

I killed ~6 people, and was credited with one... it was rather frustrating regardless of score mattering... no medics, just no kills recorded. I did get to shotgun a guy tho, that was cool.

Greedo joint me and we got on a squad. Did some cache defense, our SL was a little on the dildescent side, not tooo bad, I think I picked up a total of 3 - 0, once I was in their squad I logged at like 4 - 4... it was just a rodeo and Creedo's FR was balls.

So, we moved to HOG Muttrah, I got in on the USMC side like 13 seconds before they got rick rolled. On MEC, however, I fired up Anti-Air squad, and although like 2 of the 6 people were actually helping me (middle eastern sounding dude named Pirkman, and Greedo).

So, we build FOB/AA at Fort, then Pirk wants to build mortars, so I am like FINE. We put them down on the coastal village, ended up being a great spot.

I built "AA" on the patio of a building facing the bay, I say "AA" because about 5 minutes after sitting on it Creedo's like "Hey man, I think this is an AT, it's moving slower than shit"... sure enough, 3 of us missed that little detail. Worked out perfectly though, because Creedo smoked a boat with it, and when one of our other guys finally joined us, he took down an AAV with it. Creedo also took down at least 2 Hueys, and we both put fire down on multiple other targets. I know I hit at least 1 Huey, who either survived or put down before the helo blew up.

We also had a guy on the contruction yard AA, and I was running fort AAA and SAM from time to time.

Our mortarman only got one kill, but he definitely channeled enemy forces quite well.

We had a GREAT Commander, he brought us ammo twice, and kept shit rocking throughout. ALWAYS relayed my messages to him to the other squads, and got us mortar targets stat.

I still need help marking actual target types on the map. I.e., the red icons.

Anyway, I also decided to commandeer a logistics truck for the entire map as well, I tried to be nice and drop ours off after an ammo run, but MAN mortars eat ammo.

One run, the effing AAV decided to come up the coast and around the fort, I assume they heard about our antics and didn't realize we were at the coastal village/town... so they found our old fort fob/aa, and tore it and me and my Logi apart... they crested the hill RIGHT as I came up the ramp, and that was all she wrote.

Quido ended with 7-0 and our mortarman was I think 2-0, I was 0-1, and at least one two other squad members put up positive stats. All in all, in keeping the helicopters running scared, mortars blowing the shit out of enemy FOBs and basically putting a chokehold on any AAVs/Boats crossing the bay, I would say that while we weren't the top squad by a long shot point wise, we definitely contributed to the 284-0 win by a substantial amount.